Thursday, October 11, 2007

Making a position clearer

I has been said my posts are becoming too moderate.

I, however- have not!

I have assumed that my regular readers know my feelings on certain matters. An example being what the thieving swine responsible for taking our EARNINGS by force should get!

Personally, I would like to ramset them to a fetid dungeon wall (read sewer) and douse their bodies with boiling cheese fondue, prior to releasing a couple of hundred starving rats into their cell.

Although Iain Banks came up with a dozy too!

In this one, the offender was placed in a watertight cell. Above, a feast was being enjoyed and guess where the toilets emptied!

What a fitting fate for those who have leeched a living and produced nothing but a lot of verbal diarrhoea!


Anonymous said...

That's more like it! Some wise man said moderation in the defense of virtue is a vice, or something resembling that. I personally would like to see those Wellingtons of yours inserted two more feet up into the lower intestines of the deserving.

Unknown said...


I prefer "the calm before the storm".

We've got an election in year and we can't wear ourselves out too soon. These people deserve our best attention.

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