Sunday, October 07, 2007


See- it IS possible to hit a running critter!

Small but TASTY!


Whaleoil said...

"Mmmm Pig....A wonderful, maaaagical animal"

-Homer J. Simpson

mojo said...

Mmmmm ... pie, pork pie.
Now when I fish for trout I use light line .... when I want rabbit for the table I don't use the shotgun or the 303 ....
but then again .... mmmm ... pie.

Anonymous said...

Much more sport to be had hunting them with a dog,much more natural, but you (and the dog) need to be pretty fit.

Oswald Bastable said...

I was actually hunting goats at the time!

Unknown said...

Dude you hold out, whens the barbie?

TouchStone said...

Not a bad little "football cover", and with iron sights, too (the only way to go).
Good on ya.

Elk season starts up here in a few weeks....about time, my freezer is gettin' damned sparse...but a 1000 lb. bull goes a long way toward keepin' the wolf from the gates.
(yeah, we got wolves up here, too.
...and griz, black bear, and cougar.
...gotta remember that I'm huntin' on THEIR turf. LOL)

Already got the first snow - well, the first since June, anyways - so with some luck, we'll get more soon, to drive the herds out of the REALLY high country.
(I live just a mile above sea level, and I'm in a valley.)

If the Hunting Spirits smile on me, I'll be posting a pic before long....

Mrs Smith said...

Oh gosh. You're just like John Locke, on 'Lost.' How cool (sad for Mr Piggy, though).

MathewK said...

Thanks for proving that small fast moving targets can be shot OB. They should some spend some time with you, get some skills.

Unknown said...

I don't think they'd be permitted on the range Oz uses.

They have safety rules.

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