Monday, October 08, 2007

Big deal, so what!

I do wish the sheep would whip up as much enthusiasm tackling for the way freedom of speech is being minimised, as they do for bloody rugby!

I wish they would howl with outrage at our ridiculous levels of taxation.

I wish that, just occasionaly, they would riot in the streets over government policy.

And they can get away from the tribalist angst anytime soon! As those of us with lives did two beers after the whistle.

Perhaps less energy could be put into the pre-match primate threat-display and more into learning the bloody rules!

Move along- nothing to see here!


Anonymous said...

A frightening sight at the Millenium Stadium as the All Blacks went out. New Zealand Prime Minister, sat in the stands like a fugitive from the morgue. Christ, she's repulsive!She should have been included in the Haka, that would have had the Frogs begging for mercy! At least we wont see her when the final is being played.It'll just be Mandela.Dont think the world could stand the two of them at the same match.

Mrs Smith said...

Damn f*cking right, Bastable.

MathewK said...

Yeah i heard a bit of commentary after the losses, by us too. Apparently a lot of us were quite arrogant before these matches, assuming that we'd just cruise through and take the cup.

Looks like we'll all be gorging humble pie for a while yet.

KG said...

Bread and circuses...