Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another reason to consider emigrating

Big sister is watching YOU

As we all knew Loonie Sue's Bill has saved zero lives from scumbag parents but is causing grief for normal parents.

"...She was told that her child, referred to as "X" in the testimony, had shown aggressive behaviour towards another student and when questioned told a teacher there had been a smacking.
Under new policy, teachers were required to report all smacking incidents to CYF..."

Now liarbour has recruited their toadies- the schoolteachers- as the CYFS Secret Police.

Would that a few punches were thown over that act as it went through parliment!


Anonymous said...

Police interest in a hand smacking? The last time the state took such a close interest in family matters was in the Third Reich when children were encouraged to inform on parents. With zealotry at the wheel, the plunge over the cliff is just a matter of time. But as for emigrating, where to? Canada is just as bad or getting there and the Aussies look to be on the verge of swerving left.

KG said...

Banjo, the good thing about Oz is that if they get a federal government that's too far left, the states will swing to the right. (or at least the centre).
So at least there's some kind of balancing influence there.
NZ's political system seems to be greed and dishonesty moderated only by stupidity.

Barnsley Bill said...

How long until the Beast slips in some new law requiring us to apply for exit visas before we can hop on a plane? This is the ony way she will slow down the kiwi diaspora.

Mrs Smith said...

It was inevitable that this would happen. Those who thought the bill a good idea should be the first lot to get flung into the nearest volcano.

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