Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Back to real heroism!

The whole sorry tale is here:

A three-year old tries to save her younger siblings "...As the man went for the girl's siblings, she tried to protect them, throwing her small self between her father and their smaller bodies..."

Now the thought of one of my children having to do such a thing makes me physically sick!

In my book, that's heroic- and at the same time sickening- that a child should have to do such a thing.

Also, on the subject- the subhuman piece of refuse who could turn on his family needs to be put down at first opportunity. Such scum are worse that rabid dogs and just as dangerous!


Gecko said...

My sentiments exactly Oswald! I'd be more than happy to administer the lethal injection!!

Cactus Kate said...

The warning signs were there however - useless unemployable bum and the woman has to support the family.

Poor kids shouldn't have to go through that, I mean the nutter wasn't even on "P" they said in the article {would that have made it better?}

Worse that no one came and helped but it is a horrid sign that NZ is becoming immune to domestic violence.

MathewK said...

Probably give him 10-20 years, at best. Death for this fellow, wishful thinking, the progressive would never let this fellow die, no matter how heinous his crimes.

If only the cops had shot him and not tasered him, would have done the world a favor.