Saturday, October 20, 2007

Reeducation- why bother?

Why bother trying to rehabilitate perverts?

"A controversial rehab programme that recommends jailed paedophiles quell their sexual impulses by imagining being gang-raped by skinheads will continue to be used..."


Hell- that would just excite half of them!

These disgusting subhuman slime simply need to be executed at first opportunity. A person who molests a child has no, repeat, no reason to live.

As we live in enlightened times, a quick death with bullet,noose or chemicals instead of the foulest torments that can be devised- which is no more or less than they deserve.

Like this peice of vulture shit who raped tortured and slowly killed a 13 year-old girl.

The fucker is stealing our oxygen and this needs to stop...


MathewK said...

And to think he is still considered for parole, a consideration he never offered in the 22 hours that she was tortured. My God, we have become so effing weak!!

mojo said...

Wrong,Os. That'rehab programme' would excite most of them ... I believe they call this stuff 'cognitive behaviour therapy,' sooo ... when you feel the urge, think of those skinheads ... urge suppressed and supplanted by image of being raped by skinheads or Correction Services psychologist variant positing such practice ... really probably all as effective as the All Blacks visualising 'winning,' and then receiving 'grief counselling' for when their visualisations don't match with reality ... how they played the game is sort of lost somewhere in there.

Anonymous said...

it is ok to shoot psychopaths ostable, but not torture, it does no good, it is not good to add pain for no good outcome,

grill said...

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