Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another damp squib

After a very long wait for the local election result, it was a rotten damp sqib- as I thought it would be.

The only challenge to the mayor's job was by a chap who was overseas until just before the elections- thus nobody knew what he was about.

The usual popularity contest for a seat around the table seemed to be determined by who had the purdyest pictures plastered about. At least for one of the local ones it worked. Her blurb in the handout made no mention of any local efforts. My reliable sources tell me that is because she had none. A university educated type who is a waitress in a cafe. Hmmmm.

So the hope of a hard-charging firepiss mayor who drives out some of the inbreeds and muppets from the council offices is gone for this term!

But really- a council for a whole 6-7 thousand people? What a WOFTAM!


Anonymous said...

Good legs on that waitress? Might explain a lot.

Unknown said...

Maybe I'll run next time.

Vote for me or I'll lay siege to your house!

I could sweep in on the radical throwaway backlash vote.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I'm visiting friends in Gisborne, where publicity had the opposite effect. Some munter called Cunningham put mugshots up absolutely everywhere, must have cost a small fortune. Add tons of letters to the ed, big ads in the paper and lots of talking himself up..... the incumbent (I only saw one ad) smashed him in the election10,000 to 3,000. Hilarious.