Monday, October 29, 2007

Random musings

Whilst watching a doco on volcanos on Sky, I couldn't help wondering about gas emissions.

Given that they put out far more gas and ash than mankinds puny efforts- we should be looking to the volcano when considering climate change.

Obviously, the volcano gods need appeasing.

Can anyone think of suitable groups of drones that can be flung into the nearest crater? I know I can!

After all- it can't hurt to have a dollar each way!

Hurt anyone that matters, that is...


Anonymous said...

if putting your finger in a dyke will stop a dyke leaking, then what would be suggested to stop a volcano leaking - my suggestion is a whole gaggle of socialist dykes - enough to make the hottest eruption go cold.

KG said...

Well, the primitives lefties admire so much used to make human sacrifices to appease the Volcano Gods...
Therefore, by lefty logic it would be the culturally-aware thing to do.
They ought to be queueing up to volunteer.

MathewK said...

Start with the communist parties and work our way up the scale to Labor.

sweetpea said...

I am under the impression that the volcano gods only accept virgins.

Are there any of those in paliament or the green party we could use?

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