Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Feckin' wannabees

I have heard talk about the wannabee 'Freedom Fighters' training out in the sticks.

That's about all they are- wannabees with a bad attitude, a chip on BOTH shoulders and a few elderly rifles and petrol bombs.

The trouble is, these wannabees are how terrorist organisations start out. All they need is funding- and the money is out there- while the oil holds out. The only need to recruit a few capable and competent hotheads and people start dying.

Get some nutter, fill him up with P, give him a rifle or a few sticks of gelly and sic him on whitey!

Filling suicide bombers up with meth is nothing new- it's been going on since WW2. As an aside, many of the atrocities may have been meth-fueled. It was commonly used to keep soldiers awake.

And from those who should know better, you get comments like:

"Meanwhile, Maori Pa rty co-leader Pita Sharples said the raids had destroyed trust and set race relations back a hundred years.
He said raids in strong Tuhoe parts of Bay of Plenty reminded him of the atrocities committed at Parihaka, and of the pursuit of Te Kooti Rikirangi.
"This action has violated the trust that has been developing between Maori and Pakeha and sets our race relations back a hundred years," he said..."


Keep it up- with statements like this the mask is well & truely off!


MathewK said...

KG said the same thing at another blog, couple of losers ey, must have been turned off from the long welfare queues.

KG said...

hy not simply declare any two-legged animals found in this area fair game for hunters? The wannabes may change their minds pdq when rounds start zipping past their unwashed ears....