Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cry me a frickin' river!

"...Smith said a tearful Kahui was now aware he could spend a long time in jail.

"He is getting a very firm grip on the situation. He was quite tearful when I spoke to him. He does not want to spend the next seven months in solitary confinement..."


So finally shit-for-brains has realised where he is going to spend a large part of his worthless life, if found guilty- and it looks like he will.

And hes blubbing about spending the next seven months in solitary. AWWWWW!

That would be to do with the THREE breaches of parole?

If you go down, you will be looking at about 34 YEARS.

So now you know what happens when you drop a beer crate on a baby's head...


Unknown said...

How seriously brain damaged are these people?

Absolute entitlement to everything with no responsibility for anything including taking two lives or obeying the law when caught.

When socialist dreams come true.

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