Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Old Country Playground

They don't make then like this anymore- roundabouts, big swings, high slides.

This is the same slide I played on 40 years back. My boys enjoyed it just as much.

They don't wrap them in cotton wool here!


Whaleoil said...

Good Lord, look at all that hard dirt and grass, my word someones youngling could be hurt, quick ring OSH and have it closed down.

My word, that Airplane also looks very warlike, quick get that torn down too.

My oh my where are the rubber protection pads around the uprights and 3 feet deep bark at the bottom....Oh the calamity

KG said...

That's just up the road from us--Pahiatua, I think on the way to Woodville.
Whale Oil's right--the Health and Safety Nazis will have a fit.And that old warplane is so...inappropriate!

Anonymous said...

Some of these objects would seem to appeal more to boys than girls. This will have to be remedied, and the sooner the better.

Oswald Bastable said...

Yes, it is Pahiatua!

PC hasn't got there yet- it's repelled by the shrine of evil (to them) up the road at Mangatinoka!

Anonymous said...

That's a Harvard trainer from WWII. Used to watch a flight of them flying around Mt Maunganui many years back when I lived there.

Great playground.

Brian Smaller

Unknown said...

They used to have a tank in the playground at Oakuni.

It had no influence on me at all... except the whole armoured corps thing.

Anonymous said...

Pity to see a Harvard airframe rotting away like that though.

(Tauranga had one as well a few years ago but that went as part of the sterelisation campaign. Free Radical did a humourous sign campaign in the park involved. "No fun" etc... singns. A classic.)

The old pub on the corner does a great roast lunch. It was like a trip back in time. No lattes jaffas, just black or white. Ahhhh, the good old days - before Aucklander's got all cultured (or thought they had).

The Tui tour nearby is good as well. Beer from the vat tastes better.

sweetpea said...

Hope it is still there when I am down near there next school hols. My boy would love that.

Remember when forts were more than 1 metre off the ground? Now we know why modern kids have no head for heights.

Oswald Bastable said...

The fort there is about 3 meters off the ground- 4m at the high point were the slide is!

Anonymous said...

Hi OB have you still got the old Fell-engine in the park[1958] in Featherston.

Oswald Bastable said...

Been a while since you were in town? The Fell engine was moved out of the park about 23 years ago!

Good news is that it has been restored and now lives across the road in the Fell Museumn.

There is a miniature rail setup across the road with a model Fell engine now.

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