Monday, December 14, 2009


"Criminal lawyers are misunderstood people working the poor end of town who end up being confused with their clients.

That's the view of Auckland lawyer Charles Cato who, in a speech to the Criminal Bar Association, says the disdain shown by society toward them was disturbing..."

I believe comment 'Diddums!' is called for!

"...Mr Cato said work in Manukau was hard and thankless.

"It is a very busy and difficult court.... It can take a toll on one's health and family life."

I believe there are plenty of openings in the fast food and discount retail markets for those poor petals unable to take the heat.

As for being confused with their clients- they got THAT right!

I would not be suprised if more than a little contraband found its way into our prison via a few of the more bent of this profession...