Friday, December 18, 2009

This judge gets the blame part right

"...Judge Venning noted that, at 13, Te Wini had been expelled from college because of disruptive behaviour, spending the time since then either sleeping or smoking cannabis. By the time she was 14 she had had two relationships with men with gang affiliations and suffered from a stress disorder. Churchward was intelligent and in other circumstances could have led a completely different life. She had been abused by an older relative and lived in an abusive relationship with a man recently released from prison, he said.

Neither girl was a victim of society. "You are victims of the failure of your own families to provide any sort of direction, support or encouragement to learn any sort of values ... They failed you in the most basic of ways."

(Bold Mine)

A refreshing change to the collectivist guilt bollocks that is so often thrown about these days!

A shame that the sentence was only life with 17 years non-parole, but he is tied to the sentencing guidelines.

Personally, I believe these two should hang.

Like all mad dogs they are too dangerous to let live...


Anonymous said...

Yeah. And why aren't the lowlifes who had relations with a 14 year-old being sorted.

Anonymous said...

I still felt the judge was shifting the blame. These girls had a choice, they did not have to rob or murder at all.

Heavelny Creatures, not.

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