Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There can be only ONE

A lot has been said on the flag issue and the seperatist issue has been well-covered.

My main problem is that is yet another uneeded burden on the poor bloody taxpayers.

Another flag and flagpole on every government building- that has to cost us!

So on this issue alone- let's just not go there.

Feel free to buy one and fly it at your own expense.

Stuff poll:

Yes, it's a show of unity

1659 votes, 17.3%

Yes, and it should be flown more often

1060 votes, 11.1%

No, it's a symbol of division

4808 votes, 50.2%

No, only the NZ flag should be flown

2055 votes, 21.4%

Total 9582 votes

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