Sunday, December 06, 2009

This problem is so easy to fix

"Move over James Bond - the latest must-have gadgets for prisoners are watches concealing mobile phones.

Corrections staff recovered one such device when a prisoner's family tried to slip it to the inmate after a Parole Board hearing..."

Easy fix.

NO personal property allowed. No exceptions.

Inmates are allowed far too much personal property. They should have NOTHING that is not prison-issue.

This would make contraband harder to conceal- you would not believe how much crap they are allowed to have in a cell!

A cell should be like that of a monk's. The only decoration being a list of prison regulations on the wall.

Time should be kept by the bell and the hours of daylight.

Watches are not needed.


Apparently this is harsh. That is right.

What else is harsh?

Getting murdered, assaulted, raped is harsh.

Having the conmtents of your house cleaned out is harsh.

ID'ing a dead family member is harsh.

Having your house burnt down is harsh.

So yes, I have no problem with criminals being treated harshly.