Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Present

Go Here to get the coupon code for a FREE copy of 'Meddlers in Time'.

This offer is available until the new year.


I keep assuming visitors know all about my various book related sites!

Smashwords is a US based publisher of ebooks- they host- and sell my book here

I have another blog here, where I promote this book (to keep from boring my regular readers who know all about it already!) This site is where the promotional coupon code for a free book is kept.

I also have a facebook page here- just because I can. It's mainly home to images I found when researching.

'Meddlers in Time' is not available in paper form yet.

I make MUCH more money selling the ebook version!

On the subject of sites, I also have another here-New Zealand Back Country- a collection of local images.


'Meddlers in Time' IS now available( well- soon) in dead-tree format here!

Although it isn't cheap at $25 US +P&P!


Google exact match search:

Results 1 - 10 of about 90,200 for "meddlers in time". (0.39 seconds)


I have made the 'front page' of the adventure section!

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