Monday, December 21, 2009

Childcare or kiddie prison

"...Academic opinion is divided on the effect of childcare on babies, but Dr Angus said there was enough evidence to be concerned. Some studies showed very young children were over-anxious for long periods, or became anti-social and aggressive..."

Academic opinion- Enough said.

Bloody academics can't find their own arses with a GPS and a map!

Now I happen to believe that small children are generally raised best at home by parents (note the plural)- but since the dawn of time kids have been minded under all kinds of family or group arangements, through necessity . They are more resilient that you might think.

Not all daycares are equal, as are stay at home parents. Day cares, like parents, generally do the best they can and get by OK.

Now, if staying at home is ALWAYS the best option, then taxpayer-funded parents on the DPB should all raise kids that are above the norm developmentaly! They are fully funded to give 24/7 care with better adult/child ratios than daycares.

See where theory turns to crap!


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