Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now where was I...

That's right- interrupted in the middle of a good rant about the criminal classes, their cheerleaders and some of the GOOD people out there!

The latest piece of arsebarking from blog commentators (don't expect me to link them) has been about the 'hateful' talk of this and other allied blogs.

If these bliss bunnies don't like our speech- fuck off and never come back. It's as simple as that!

Now I will clearly state that YES I DO HATE the criminal classes and their vile acts. I DO want them treated harshly and creativly when they are convicted. I DO believe that the rights and privilages we (should) enjoy should be suspended for those convicted of failing to meet their RESPONSIBILITIES of living in a civilized world.

Myself and many of my commentators and friends elsewhere work or have worked in the front lines dealing with the criminal classes and their victims- in the police forces, hospitals and prisons.

If we are harsh in our regard for society's bottom dwellers- it is because we have seen the first hand results of their actions of the innocent. We have seen the cost of their actions- physical, mental and financial.

These costs are HUGE. Policing and Corrections swallow up a vast amount of OUR taxes. As does the hospital care for acts of stupidity and viciousness. To say nothing of wefare costs in supporting two-legged leeches. There is some great information over at Sensible Sentencing.

I really wish some of these criminal apologists could do some jail time- they would soon find out that the fine young savages have little regard for anyone outside of their perverted gang affiliations.

I wish some of the do-gooder prison visitor PARS types could have heard the inmates sneering at them AFTER they had gotten whatever it was they had on offer.

I wish they could hear converstions I have heard, read the case files I had seen- but they would probably carry on as they do- self-delusion is second nature to the apologist.

I wish they could take a turn in the average emergency department on a busy Saturday night when the drunks start rolling in.

I wish they would take a turn at scrubbing the vomit, shit and urine out of the back of a patrol car.

I WOULDN'T wish on them some of the tales I have heard in court or read in case files.

Not quite...

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