Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stay OUT of the country

"A Te Kauwhata mother was shocked after seeing the butchering of a cattle beast at the side of the road as she drove her daughter to school.

Alison Davies was driving Jessica, 14, to Te Kauwhata College about 8.30am on the last day of term and passed a G&S Day Homekill truck parked outside Clive and Marie Tarry's lifestyle block on Travers Rd.

"We saw a truck parked on the grass verge which had The Undertakers written on it and a beast that was on hooks with its guts hanging out and the head was on the grass," Mrs Davies said.

"It was revolting and Jessica got really upset about it..."

Friggin' townies- get over yourselves!

What do you think goes on in the country? ALL those critters are headed for the butcher sooner or later.

Do you metro wennies that think all meat comes on nice plastic trays in the supermarket?

It ALL starts with a dead beast being hauled up and it's guts dragged out.

Poor precious little petals that are offended by such sites should stay the hell out of the country and stick to the suburbs.

There are LOTS of things that go in in life that ain't pretty, but need to get done. A waste treatment plant is far from pleasant.

I don't hear anyone swearing off crapping!