Saturday, December 26, 2009

Suppression orders

Friggin' judges need to have a think about who they actually work for!

This is why people like Cameron Slater are sticking their necks out.

"An 86-year-old victim of a vicious street mugging is disgusted her alleged attacker has received name suppression out of consideration for his 90-year-old grandmother..."

Cameron may be in contempt of court.

The courts are showing nothing but contempt towards the good people of New Zealand.


Lucy said...


Doug said...

New Zealand legal system has forgotten who they are supposed to protect.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cameron Slater put stuff on his blog that can identify a victim of crime who wishes to keep their identity a secret?

Is that sort of behaviour okay?

sweetpea said...

Too many are getting name suppression.
What deterant is there to commiting a crime if every man and his dog can't find out what you did even when you were caught?