Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What a load or arse!

"It is clear he [Burton] was determined, he was forceful and he assaulted Mr Marsh."

But that did not mean Burton had tried to murder Marsh, Mr Tomlinson said.

"It has to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Burton had intended to kill, if that can not be proven then the jury must acquit," Mr Tomlinson told the court..."

(Bold Mine)

Who are you trying to fool?

As the prosecution said:

Ms Bell said the Crown had proved that Burton intended to murder Marsh.

"Why else would you stab someone three times to the chest if you did not intend to kill them?"


Now HERE is a classic poster boy for the death penalty!

I favour something creative in the coliseum- how about we see if hopalong can outrun a hungry saltwater croc?

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