Sunday, November 08, 2009

The media LOVE to bang on about the BNP, but...

...look at what we have here in NZ!

"...Hingston conceded Harawira's email comments, in which he rallied against "white motherf*****s", were "unpleasant," but said the MP was provoked by reference to his wife Hilda.

"There is a Maori way of seeing things and a Pakeha way," said Hingston, who played down the prospect of serious disciplinary action by the party. When Wanganui sort out their mayor we'll sort out Hone..."

That would be right- Laws is the only media person with the bottle to call these racist scum out for what they are- so they try to transfer their bullshit to him.

The Nats need to grow a pair and send this ship of fools off into oblivion.

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