Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Maybe there IS hope here

From the latest Stuff survey:

What would you do if you ruled New Zealand for a year?

Turn NZ into a theme park

162 votes, 1.6%

Introduce a three day weekend

2083 votes, 19.9%

Sack the All Black coaches

370 votes, 3.5%

Dismantle the nanny state

2762 votes, 26.4%

Introduce puppy playpens in every office

313 votes, 3.0%

Create cycle lanes on every road

696 votes, 6.7%

Declare a republic

746 votes, 7.1%

Introduce free healthcare

1402 votes, 13.4%

Get bosses to do their workers' jobs

589 votes, 5.6%

Invade Australia

1327 votes, 12.7%

Total 10450 votes

I hope those that voted to dismantle the nanny state aren't expecting the Nats to make a meaningful effort to do so...

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