Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Education doesn't seen to work

Why don't we stop wasting our money on trying to educate piss-heads?

It just isn't working. Drinking then driving has been promoted as a dumb idea for a long time now, but has failed to get through.

So where to go?

Breath screening interlocks on all vehicles?- La-la land material.

More police on the roads? (the one area in NZ that actually gets police resources- or should I say the uniformed branch of the IRD)

Tougher penalties?- How much tougher would it take to get through?
Lifetime bans?
Lengthy mandatory imprisonment?
The Death penalty?


Just work on the areas where there is a chance of a return for the effort.

Raising the driving age
Raising the drinking age
Breath screening interlocks for convicted drink-drivers
Lifetime bans for repeat offenders
Lowering the alcohol limit

Because sure as hell the current system isn't working as well as it need to!


I have been thinking more about this and it is not on punishing those who have done no wrong! keep the limit where it is- the problem drinkers are the ones WAY over the limit.

How about a mandatory two week prison sentence for offenders and a fine to cover the cost of their imprisonment?
THAT would be a wake-up call to many!

I remember the 'stunned bunny' air of one piss-head imprisoned for drink-driving- prison was something of a 'culture shock'! (if you are tempted to be sympathetic- it was his NINTH conviction- that's what it takes to get locked up for DIC!)

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