Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On Libertarianz

They represent the ideals that are closest aligned with my own- although I disagree with certain areas, such as immigration. On the whole I like and agree with what they have to say.

But damn, so many of them can be an evangelizing pain in the arse in the same way Greenies are with their oh-so precious ideals!

In the real world (the one where Libertarianz votes barely show on the radar) our ideals get a little bent- after all, they are IDEALS. We strive towards them and sometimes achieve them. As often as not, we wind up making the best of a bad situation.

We take out family tax credits, we get treated on ACC and our kids go to public schools.

We live in a world with a political system we don't agree with or like- but we are stuck with it. One day- not anytime soon- it WILL grow up into a model we like. (not in MY lifetime though)

In the meantime, you need allies and friends if you wish to grow.

Try not pissing them all off...