Friday, November 27, 2009

National Socialists at it again

"John Key would like to see the families of those killed in the Erebus disaster get the chance to visit the crash site, and the Government could play a role in getting them there."

Sod off!

Here is the great NZ grievance/victim industry snuffling at the trough again.

Let's get it right here- the TAXPAYERS are the the mugs who would foot the bill. For the government to pay, those troughers would have to dip into their own pockets. Something about as likely as a Frenchman living next door to a brothel moving house.

Do ALL those others who lost a family member through negligence or misadventure get a trip costing thousands 30 YEARS after the event?- I think not!

Anyway- it was 30 years ago- move on.

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