Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And now for something completely different

A bit of praise for the local public health system!

I show no mercy to 'providers' wasteful and inefficent use of taxpayers money- but to be fair, I will also praise those who do their jobs well (doesn't happen often, but on the 'million monkeys with typewriters' principle...) I would prefer another system, but I'm stuck with this one- so I'm glad not everything is FUBAR.

I went to my GP with an old condition that has been deteriorating. Withing two days I had recieved an appointment time for x-rays some two weeks later- I consider that good, as my problem is not serious (as in life-threatening) and its a slow deterioration that can wait. The magic pills make that a bit easier!

I was seen within 5 minutes of the time on my scheduled appointment and out 15 minutes later.

Thats about as good as it gets!

But this is just the start, so lets see how things continue...

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