Friday, November 20, 2009

Meddlers In Time goes International!

Bookhabit has been brought by Smashwords and Meddlers In Time has moved to the USA!

Now available as:

Format Full Book
Online Reading (HTML)View
Online Reading (JavaScript)View
Kindle (.mobi)Download
Epub (open industry format, good for Stanza reader, others)Download
PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)Download
RTF (readable on most word processors)Download
LRF (for Sony Reader)Download
Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)Download
Plain Text (download) (flexible, but lacks much formatting)Download
Plain Text (view) (viewable as web page)View

For $4.00 US- cheaper than buying books on TradeMe!



25% of the book may be downloaded as a sample- FREE!!!

Thanks to all those who clicked on my link and downloaded my pay and free sample at the last site.

You pushed me up to the #2 science fiction listing!

Now I need your help again on this new site!

(of course I don't expect you to buy a second copy- but feel free :-)


I made the premium catalogue!

Smashwords have formatting criteria to meet and produce a great guide on how to achieve this using Word. I now know a LOT more about using the functions of this software- I was also finally forced to design a better cover!

I have always been hopeless at using imaging software, but when you are actually MOTIVATED...


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