Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free advice of Libertarianz- and others!

(Which may or may not be worth what you pay for it)

  • I have always found it more productive to support somebody moving slowly to your position.

  • Constantly challenging people who are starting to lean in the right direction just pisses them off.

  • I try to sell one idea at a time. If they buy that one, move on to the next.

  • Start with smaller ideas first.

  • Save the big picture for later- just give practical alternatives for real-world problems.

  • Think more about nuts and bolts- HOW to make pay roads work with technology.

  • Can the 'gone by lunchtime' talk- it scares the horses!

  • Talk about phase-outs, transitions and timeframes.

  • Work on topical issues. Give a practical solution.

  • The right to self defense is an easier sell than legalising sub-machineguns- and need to come first.

  • DON'T EVANGALIZE!- EVER! You have some great ideas and some that may need a little tweeking, but are not tooo bad- but NOBODY will listen to one who comes across as a sanctimonious arsehole!

  • 'Softly, softly- catchee monkey'- now write it out a thousand times!

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