Thursday, November 26, 2009

Help me with a little click!

Just follow the link and download a FREE sample (25% ofthe book!)- this is all I ask in return for all my hours spent entertaining you all here!

Just two little clicks and a wee bit of bandwidth!


The free downloads push my page forward in the list to were a browser is more likely to see it

Now to any reader wishing to buy a copy, I am offering a HUGE discount of 50% up until the 10th December.

That's just TWO dollars US, but only to readers here!

Just use the discount coupon code GC22G at the checkout.


Well done! a couple of clicks already!

I forgot to mention that the big push is to move me up the list before December, when I will be listed at AMAZON- Smashwords has just signed up with them!

37 sample downloads so far. My thanks to those who took the time!

But I need more! Many more!

I won't be happy until I are on the 'front pages' of Science Fiction and Adventure.

Get clicking if you want to see any more content here in the near future!

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