Thursday, September 05, 2013


It's the time of state-sactionioned graffiti again- local body elections. Hundreds of eyesore hoardings line the streets and I see something quite disturbing in Whangarei. NONE of them have been defaced!

Now I don't think that all of a sudden folks have embraced private property rights- not for a nanosecond.

They are just too bloody apathetic to so much as draw on a mustache or throw a piece of rotten fruit. I can only speculate that the turnout to vote will be equally met with apathy.

Could that be due to the fact that local body elections are just an exercise in PRETENDING to give people the illusion of a say, while unelected officials continue to inflict unwanted projects and vanities on the ratepayers, while neglecting the real, but non-glamourous infrastructure?

Or are reality TV, cooking programs and yet more home renovation shows far more interesting?


Oi said...

Your last sentence just about covers it.
Mind you, The great slothful do have a point - no matter who gets in, when things don't change they wont be very much different...

KG said...

"Or are reality TV, cooking programs and yet more home renovation shows far more interesting?"
It would seem so. Which is why we have rule and governance pitched at (and by) the lowest common denominator.

the conservative said...

I think the tagging stopped after that kid got killed a while back for tagging.

As for the elections; they won't mean much. I am just looking forward to going to a Len Brown debate and giving him an earful over increasing my rates and funding the gay parade.