Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Missing the main reason

"...Helping out during public emergencies was "more complicated'' than it seemed, lecturer at Auckland University school of psychology Danny Osborne told Fairfax Media.
Studies showed there were five stages to negotiate before people were moved to step in, Osborne said.
The first stage was noticing. Then came interpreting the problem, accepting responsibility for providing help, deciding what to do, and then doing it.
"This was an instance in which people either failed to take responsibility or perhaps they felt responsible but decided not to help," he said.
The larger the audience to a domestic assault, the less likely someone would feel responsible, Osborne said.
In deciding whether to help, people internally evaluated "the pros and cons of interfering".
"Cons might include embarrassing yourself if you find out that the woman didn't require assistance," he said..."
Actually, the main reason for not sticking your nose in is the high probability of a smack in the head. Ask a cop about how many interventions in a domestic end up with both parties attacking you,

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Oi said...

Never really paid much attention. It did happen of course, but normally there was a vindictive satisfaction that lasted until the [usually] woman realised that she was going to have to;
A. Give evidence.
B. Do without her whipping boy
C. Deal with the kids on her own.
D. Pay for her own fags and booze.

Usually by the following morning Kylie was down beating on the Watch-house counter demanding that Wayne be released and it was all a terrible mistake.