Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stupid drivers get the annual reminder of what snow is

"Dozens of cars have been stranded or have slid off the road as the south's big chill begins to hit.
Snow has begun to fall in the deep south with reports it's settling in many parts of Southland.
Snow showers have been reported this afternoon in Te Anau and Five Rivers, in the Hokonui hills near Gore, and at Wairio near Nightcaps. Bluff residents have also reported "teeny snow showers".
Twenty vehicles are stranded on Southland's Jollies Pass tonight with six cars sliding off the road..."

You could hope it was all tourists, but from past experience, I'm picking that the shallow end of the gene pool will be getting their annual reminder that snow and ice is not a good thing to drive on...

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PM of NZ said...

And if the dusting gets anywhere near the Central Plateau, no doubt their cousins from the same gene pool will be rescued as is the norm by the hard working Army staff at Wiberia.