Saturday, November 23, 2013

Colin Craig veers to the left

DOUBLE the tax on alcohol indeed!

Straight out of the mouths of the enemy.

What your demographic* wants to hear is that you will PUNISH the ABUSERS.

Bring back the crime of Drunk and DISORDERLY in a pubic place. A night in a nasty cell and a stiff fine.

Alcohol related medical treatment cops a bill for the cost of treatment.

Simple, really- now write it out a hundred times!

*- and a few of the left, I suspect. Their principles (such as they have) are somewhat flexible when party policies impact on their pleasures or pockets


Oi said...

We used to have a cyclostyled form stating "I wish to plead guilty to being found drunk in a public place"
We would bring in the drunk in the evening, in the morning he would be released after signing the form and ponying up $20 which we clipped to the form and sent it over to Court. It never went on his record unless he decided to go to court, either because he refused to sign or didn't have $20 - In which case he was bailed to appear and the offence went on his record.

Nowadays, if he's drunk enough, he gets taken bloody well home to someone that can look after him or clogs up the cells until sober. No penalty either way.

ZenTiger said...

I want to support the Conservative Party because it could be a new voice against the red/blue team.

But it seems to remain the "Colin Craig" party, and hasn't really sorted out populism from principles.

KG said...

Why is it that these clowns always want to impose more laws on all of us in order to control the feral few?
Perhaps the answer is that it's easier to punish collectively than grow some balls and deal with the real problem demographic.
Craig can go screw himself. He's nothing more than another wannabe who doesn't understand what conservatism means.

the conservative said...

Zen, I have the feeling that people are voting for the Conservatives just because of the name and also because there is nowhere else to go--which is simply not good enough.

KG,I get the feeling that Craig has no political foundation at all; he is merely parroting what he thinks people want to hear. Everyday he sounds more and more like David Cameron, but he is telling people he is not. Having said that, there is nothing else out there and Craig does pick up on some of the messages coming out of the right-wing blogs, so he is listening and so long as he at least parrots what we want, that's a start. This taxing on alcolhol just shows you how left-wing he really is--very scary indeed.

ZenTiger said...
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ZenTiger said...

He is relatively new to politics, and he comes across as a pragmatist. Unfortunately, a wishy washy one at that.

The one huge thing he does for NZ politics is turn the discussion from left versus right, to progressive liberal versus conservative.

Out of that discourse, as his party matures, I hope he attracts people who deeply understand Conservatism and can guide the party as they grow.

I'll give him 3 years to do that. What will help is if they get some seats next election. It gives them some access to parliamentary resources and it can move from being just the Colin Craig Party to a more broadly conservative party.

He's very lucky that there is so little difference between National and Labour that he might just pick up votes from BOTH of them. Old Labour voters will like his moral conservatism, and some National voters will like some of the more right wing economic policies.

He will be vilified and attacked by Progressives as they begin to realize the danger, so I will confine my criticism of him to where he strays away from Conservative Principles - which happens a little too much right now, but we'll see how it goes.

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