Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bullshit news

"Tough economic times are continuing to bite Kiwi families with cash-strapped mums and dads having to lay-by lollies for their kids' birthday parties.
Manukau-based Bits N Bites offers the service so parents can plan ahead and not be left so short of cash they can't afford the treats..."

Pull the other one! Can't afford sweeties for the kids?
Make them.
What does a bag of sugar cost? Fudge and toffee are dead easy to make at home- I used to make them as a kid.


KG said...

A bit like people who whine about the cost of food--almost none of them bother to plant and tend a vege garden.

Heisenbug said...

Well, the lack of basic skills does have a pattern. I remember a news story from probably ten or fifteen years ago, when food banks were turning away donations of things like flour because their "clients" didn't know what to do with it! If they're not actually cooking food from scratch, then they're not really poor IMHO.

FWIW, I used to love making fudge and toffee and all kinds of baked treats (and bread) when I was a kid - no wonder I have a sweet tooth even in my 40s! Having been out of work for five of the past twelve months, I've been cooking from scratch and probably eating a better diet than at any other time in the last ten years.

Oswald Bastable said...

Beginning of the year, after I had moved north, I was renting and paying a mortgage.
Same deal- we were broke and everything had to be cooked from scratch. We made bread, baked and made hamburgers & fish & chips ourselves- and continue to do so now that we are financially better off!

Heisenbug said...

Home cooking tastes better as well as being better for you. It's the way to go.

DigiSlidz said...

What about the foodbank that had mince returned because the "client" did not have a dog!!!

the conservative said...

I read that the other day and laughed my head off. On the one hand, the left never stops complaining about sugar and health related problems caused by lollies and soft drinks and on the other they complain that they can't afford them--doublethink at its best.

TouchStone said...

I don't worry about going hungry - I own a rifle and I live in Montana.
Hell, I've got a freezer full of meat, even as I type this....LOL