Sunday, October 06, 2013

Look a little deeper into the story

"New entrant pupils are arriving at school with the social and academic skills of 2-year-olds, Christchurch principals say.
Language, behavioural, and general social skills are so lacking in some children that learning in a mainstream class is impossible.
Bamford School principal Colin Hammond saw a lot of new pupils, particularly boys, not ready to learn.
"We're also finding something really quite astounding in terms of academic language..."

I'm betting that if the kids who fit this feral picture  also fit a certain demographic- one of drugs, booze, welfare dependency and criminal parents. I could mention certain ethnicities that would be overrepresented statistically, but it's the behaviors that are the real drivers here.
You can bet that whoever did this study knows exactly that, but the elephant in the room is, as usual, ignored by the media and other apologists.


KG said...

They simply daren't mention the elephant, Os, because the whole edifice would collapse if subjected to objective analysis.

Oi said...

I know of a number who have escaped the ghetto for well paid professional jobs - The Colonial Clot is one - or so he would have you believe.
It is a very steep uphill battle though - overcoming the inertia of welfare nurtured peers and low esteem jobsworths that surround them is not easy.

The problem could be solved tomorrow, but no one has balls that clang loudly enough, to tie in permitting parenthood with sufficient income.

KG said...

" tie in permitting parenthood with sufficient income."
That would work, Oi, together with scrapping the Universal Franchise.

Oswald Bastable said...

I have fought that uphill battle...

paul scott said...

From the drivel in the article :

"Trustee and neuroscientist Nathan Mikaere-Wallis said the no-blame setting of nurture groups was ideal for New Zealand's rich Maori culture. It was likely some children's development was stunted from the trauma of earthquakes, and "stressed parents don't play as much"

See Oswald its the earthquake.

Bamford is in he South East an industrial area.

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