Sunday, June 30, 2013

Village of the Damned exports welfare cases

"Hundreds of people on Christchurch's state house waiting list are being offered incentives such as free rent and fuel vouchers to move town.
Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) is contacting its nearly 360 priority Christchurch applicants waiting for a home to see if they would shift to towns where houses were vacant..."
As one of the commenters stated: ' town, same benefit, same life...'
I Imagine some of them would have jumped at the chance- a relocation to a small town with no likelihood of a job ever- and they can point the finger at HNZ when WINZ takes them to task.
Others, I'm sure are cases the HNZ Christchurch want to see the back of.
There are probably quite a few that Christchurch in general want to be rid of, also.
Pity the folk in the small towns who get an influx of new riff-raff. The last small town I lived in had nothing but problems from the denizens of our 'Social Housing'...