Saturday, July 20, 2013

A law change

This country is in definite need of a change to the Noise Control laws.

Fecking stereos pounding out boom-boom jungle drums should be grounds for the death penalty!

Buy an Ipod and destroy your hearing- the rest of the world does NOT want to hear that shit.


And no merciful hangings.

I'm talking death by being lowered into a tank full of starving rats or perhaps being staked out at the low water mark.

For a first offense.


mawm said...

I'd prefer an RPG. The effect is lasting.

Oswald Bastable said...

Too quick!

I believe in the punishment fitting the crime. Perhaps being hung by the ankles for a pair of meathooks, while being subjected to Justin Bieber at high volume, through headphones.

KG said...

Noise is now the opiate of the masses, Os.
Just shooting the bastards would be my preference.

evie said...

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