Monday, November 10, 2008

Why Libertarianz?

This post was planned before the couple of gobshites started trolling here, but not being a taxpayer-funded blog my posts have to wait until I can find time to write them up. By the way- its not the question- its the way you ask it.

Now many (or perhaps not so many) may wonder why on earth I support Libertarianz.

It's a small party catching a minute fraction of the vote.

Likewise, the chances of them getting a seat, much less crossing 5% are roughly the same as a welk surviving a supernova.

So, you ask- why 'throw away' your votes?

There are a multitude of reasons:

Libertarianz is about a lot more than an attempt to gain power. It's about ideas- specifically getting ideas 'out there'. An example is in language- How often did you hear the terms 'Nanny State' and 'Politically Correct' before Lindsay Perigo' started using them on his radio show?

Once you get the words into the language, people start wondering about them and begin that perilous process of THINKING! Those that still can.

Then there is the simple fact that all movements have to start somewhere. Most start small and stay that way for some time. Usually they are considered insignificant and somewhat pathetic.
As were the Suffragettes and the Abolitionists.

When I was young, the idea that a man of colour would be President of the USA was up there with an invasion from Mars!

So things change. History is a record of achievements pronounced impossible by the experts.

I know that this won't happen overnight- or in my lifetime.I will never see the Totoras that I have planted in their full glory either. That didn't mean it wasn't worth planting them, keeping the hares and sheep away from them and watering them in a drought. I'm doing this for the future generations and that makes it worth it to me.

All lot of you say the concept sounds all very nice -'utopian' is usually the word used- but it won't work given human nature.

I agree.

It won't work right now- not in its totality. There are too may flawed persons out there- now.
The Libertarian way will be viable when there are sufficent numbers of voters wanting to live this way.

Meanwhile, we try to introduce ideas and concepts. Hell- I hope ANY parties poach our policies! The policies are what it is all about. Freedom from the initiation of force and a government that exists only to protecting this right.

Libertarianz policy is not meant to take effect the day after an election- apart from in a few individual's dreams! Anyone who has bothered to study the website would see that there is a plan for transition. Contrary to what some want to believe- we work and live in the real world too! probably far more than a lot of academics and politicians!

Ten years ago- nobody had heard of Libertarianz. Now we are the best known of the 'little' parties. We are getting bigger- slowly but surely.

The fact that we get less votes than a couple of guys having a bit of a laugh is not really a worry. They got far more media exposure and hell- they were a vehicle for gathering protest votes. Years ago, pre-MMP I lived in a Labor stronghold- they always won with a huge majority. So I voted Macgillicuddy Serious Party. That's what Bill & Ben got- protest votes.

Libertarianz got votes from people who had done a bit of thinking. I'm damned pleased to live in the electorate that had 419 of them!

Finally- I know we are getting our messages out there, as the state-worshipers get so damned worked up about a few insignificant utopians...