Tuesday, November 04, 2008


"The Maori Party is suggesting a $500 tax free payment to pensioners and poverty-stricken families with children to help them get through the Christmas period.

It has costed the payment at $136.5 million, and the party says it would help the economy as well because people would spend it..."

Ain't benevolence fun when it's somebody else's money!

Have you socialist swine figured out that this money would help the economy if it stayed in the hands of those it was taken from- by taxation?

I didn't work 13 hours today down a wet hole full of chemical-laden mud in a friggin' storm to fix a busted water supply so that my frickin' taxes get used to make the shareholders of liquorland richer!

If I gave a flying frigg about 'the poor' I would give to the local food bank.

That bloody $500 is my weeks taxes on my week. Money that I have earned.

Keep your friggin' hands the hell of it!