Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Musings

I was about to write on a totally unrelated matter, but somebody got on the PC and lost my place.

Never mind- there is always something else to bang on about. I don't suffer from that 'writer's block' shit!

I was reflecting back on people who I have known over 2-3 decades. Life is a funny old thing and it has a habit of going a way that, back then, you did not really see.

Amongst those I have known the longest, are folks that have come from the sort of backgrounds the bleeding hearts bang on about. While not strictly abusive (apart from the odd incident), they were certainly raised by parents that were totally neglectful. Alcoholic, uninterested, callous and uncaring were words I would use without reservation.

But for the greater part, they have gone on to raise children in a better manner (much better!) than in which they were raised. None did great things, had more than menial jobs, traveled or furthered their education. But they raised their kids to be a bit better than themselves. They stayed out of jail and stayed in employment.

So poverty isn't necessarily a highway to the scrapheap- despite what many will tell you.

It's interesting how the hot young things have so often gone on to be drabs (and I'm being charitable here!) and how so many of the plain Jane's are now seriously hot 40-somethings!

One I still keep in touch with was was a country girl who always got about in tracksuit pants, a holey jersey and gumboots. She was always in some kind of scut jub and would be best described at 20, as a wholesome country girl with a heart of gold. Not particularly attractive, not ugly- very ordinary.

25 years later- A self-made millionaire- never seen without makeup and designer gear and looks fantastic at 45. Still that country girl with a heart of gold too!

Another chap who was a real high-flier. NZ head of a major corporation, mortgage-free by 35, everything going for him.

Now an alcoholic living in a boarding house. Prospects are slim.

You just can't always tell...

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