Saturday, November 08, 2008


It started out as a good idea, but turned to custard.

When it all started, one had to meet certain criteria. You had to be of mature age and a property owner and were disqualified if you were deemed not suitable by being mad, criminal, poor or a woman.

Now everybody gets a vote unless you are totally criminally barking or have been sentenced to more than three years imprisonment.


As The Master RAH predicted many years ago, this leads to a 'Bread and circuses' mentality. He sure got it right!

I totally fail to see how somebody can take part in the game without holding a few chips. IMNSHO, ONLY those who pay more in tax than they receive taxpayer money (WFF, accommodation allowances, student benefits, etc) get a vote. The one exception being pensioners who have paid their dues.

Don't like it- tough. Get a job or if you need supporting, defer to those who pay your way.

Show some gratitude and friggin' humility if you rely on largesse to live!

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