Friday, November 14, 2008

In the sights

As with men, some government departments are more equal than others.

But at the least a little reorganization is needed.

Tonight I will look at two, whom I consider essential. Defense and Corrections.

Both are in need of a little 'brain' surgery and the insertion of a backbone.


The air force is gone- such as is left of it. Maritime into the Navy and the rest into the army. Sorry but you have to swap the Brylcreem for Vaseline.

Other ranks can rest easy. All those senior officers- start packing.

Our army is small. Elsewhere an infantry regiment is run by a Colonel. Make it so.
That means we would have a Brigadier in overall charge. Not a flock of frickin' Generals as we have now. (In my day we had ONE Major General)

Long service is rewarded with a medal- not a bullshit rank. This is not Africa.

Same deal with the Navy. The US would have a Lt. Commander in charge of a Frigate. Not a bloody Captain (or more likely a Rear Admiral).

Now- Corrections:

Everyone in National office pack your bags- clear your comic books and gay porn out of your desks. You are to be replaced with people who have actually done their time on the floor.

Like it used to be- when a prison was a real prison. When they had Governors and Superintendents- not bloody managers! When all you needed to run a wing was a muster book- not a bloody useless multi-million dollar computer system.

When all the able-bodied worked to at least defer the costs. With the right political will prisons could be at least self-funding- but more on that later.

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