Thursday, November 13, 2008

A new direction

Unlike some wannabes, I and many of the other bloggers who have been around for some years, are not about to fade away.

When dealing with politics, ones work is never done!

While we have played our part in the downfall of Hellengrad, the battle is far from done. A new flag hangs over the town square, but the opposition troops are still at large- even if their generalissimo's have decamped.

I'm talking about the public service.

THERE is the enemy. The unelected Gauliters who will continue to push the agendas of the old order.

They need to be rooted out and removed. Their undoubted gold-plated parachutes are just the price to pay- we knew it was there and that the cost would be high.

A good place to start would be amongst senior police who have never swung a baton, much less been bashed, spat on or otherwise physically assailed.

As with playing the opposition, other new masters will need US to do their work in sniffing out waste and corruption- as well as reminding the voters exactly why they voted the way they did.

The front is broken- time to roll up the rear!

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