Thursday, November 20, 2008

What to do?

Amidst the murder most foul of young lives in this country, there is much talk (and that's about all) on what to do about it.

As usual, most miss the point and buy into collectivist guilt over circumstances that are totally out of our control.

How the hell can WE be responsible for the conscious decision of others to lead a life outside of normal decent society- without turning into a fascist big brother (or more likely, sister) state?

There ARE several things within our power to move towards this.

Most importantly- Cut off the money supply that makes the lifestyle possible. Idle hands need to be kept busy and tired persons are less likely to be bothered with mischief.

On a more personal level, when contemplating the wretched children in this land I realized that the most useful thing that I could do was to make more effort to be a better parent- as we can all try to do anything just a bit better. Just to pay a bit more attention, read to them, play with them a bit more than before.

And you will be rewarded for it. The best reward being that THEY will be good parents, trying to be better one day.

One day I will be asked how to be a father and I will tell my son- 'Just try to do it a bit better than me- and tell your son that one day'

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