Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Report thy neighbor!

SO we have been told we need to report any signs of child abuse (or indeed, any wrongdoing)

I can tell you that I have done so on more than a few occasions. AND the police even phoned my later to thank me for bringing the matter to their attention the last time I called them!

In the last incident- there have been a few over the years- there was a major fight going on between a low-life and his harridan women, in the presence of small children. If the children were not there, I would have been happy to let them batter each other insensible- more insensible, anyway.

I'm by no means what you could call a busybody neighbor, but when you disturb my peace, I take an interest in you!

Having said all that, I can't bring myself to condemn those who see abuse next door and don't report it. It's not that these people don't know right from wrong- it's fear.

Fear of being turned on themselves- of having cars and houses trashed. And those fears are very valid. Because in NZ, you have the basilisk-like gaze of the law upon you, should you dare to defend yourself.

And there is only one way to defend yourself against a group of thugs. With a firearm.

The police know that- they rightfully defend their own who take this means of self-preservation.

The crown prosecution department however, will try to make some charge stick and the victim is further victimized as they are sucked dry of funds defending themselves for doing what is their right in law.

When we can truly defend ourselves, maybe we will be a bit more forthcoming in reporting the lawless.

ACT- get busy on this!

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