Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who will they hate now?

Who will the left hate now that their darling is in charge of the USA?

It's going to be a bit hard to condemn the US for all the problems of the world with their pet sock puppet on the throne!

Oh dear, I guess it will just be the twisted inward self-hating as usual with no BushChimpHitler to focus on.

The amusing part is that the Messiah is never going to deliver all they hope. Nor even get close.

He is not an idiot- nor are his advisers. They know they you can't shut the lid on Pandora's box. You can't undiscover Nuclear fission/fusion, tech black & white people to live in harmony or please the poor.

You see, us on the other side know pain and hard time are coming*. We are ready for it.

Your followers are not!

* Yes, I know I don't friggin' live there, but the actions of the USA impact on all of us. The fucktards of the left actually had that one right!