Friday, October 06, 2006

Another cost-cutter!

'Diet' Cocktails Get You Drunker

Having your alcohol with a sugar-free artificially sweetened mixer may cut calories, but it will also make you drunker, a study suggests. The problem, Australian researchers found, is that drinks made with "diet" mixers pass through the stomach more rapidly and, therefore, make blood alcohol levels spike particularly high.


Of course you could just forgo the mixers and drink the spirits.

Unless you too drink Poteen, which really needs a bit of Zero coke to cut it back!

I wish they would bring the diet vanilla coke back...


Cactus Kate said...

I've been sculling vodka jellies lately. Fucking great kick as well as being tasty.

Mixers make you fucking crook in the morning of course but help you stay awake, I think after about 10 diet coke's and vodka's you are more drunk on teh caffeine rush than the vodka.

Isn't it good they conduct such studies for us so we can not give a shit.

Oswald Bastable said...

My trick is to cut my vodka 50-50 with water, (putting in twice as much, of course!) then adding the diet coke.

No hangovers!

Brian Smaller said...

Ahh, Poteen. Takes me back to the days when I lived in an area of London full of Irish builders and navvies working on the various docklands projects. Made friends with some who used to bring me back bottles of poteen when they went home for the weekend. My locla pub, which had so many Irish regulars, actually sold poteen over the counter.

As to mixing spirits, I would rather take mine straight. Except when I was in Rarotonga. Lying on a deck chair in the sun, with a long glass of ice with a liberal amount of whiskey. Paradise.