Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ask why, indeed!

I found this story today:,2106,3464384a11,00.html


Police wary of camera phone benefits 02 November 2005
The rapid increase in the public's use of camera cellphones is being viewed as a double-edged sword by police.
Rotorua Constable Darrell Earney was annoyed that members of the public stood by and took pictures with their phones as he struggled to arrest a young man for riding a bicycle without a helmet.
He said at least three or four people were taking photographs instead of helping when an officer was in trouble.

Now the story was about cameras, but note the last sentence. People wouldn't come to the assistance of a police officer.

Why would they? When defending themselves, family, homes and property, they are invariably before the courts for doing so!

What is the continual messages from senior police officers?- don't tackle offenders yourself!

Jump in to help a cop and you happen to do the offender some serious damage (easy to do)- see what happens. You can be fairly confident that a jury will find 'not guilty', but you will lose the family home defending yourself.

Until ALL citizens in good standing have the right to use all means available in defence of self or others, expect to see people stand back and watch bad things happen.

The police are in the same sad situation as the rest of us. The answers are at a political level and while we keep voting in wimps and wowsers - expect more of the same.


Ms Vile File said...

When one in five crimes aren't investigated (according to the Herald) why do the police have to waste time arresting idiots without helmets?

Some forthright young man took on some car thieves a while back, and got thrown in the clink for his troubles.

Someone in the police hierarchy need to get their priorities straight.

Lippy said...

Take heart - I heard on the radio last week that some fellow and his missus were attacked in their home, but he wrestled a samurai sword off them, killing one and seriously wounding the other. He won't be charged as the police have decided it was self-defence. Or maybe they came to their senses? Pity it doesn't always go this way.