Saturday, October 29, 2005

A new PC term- 'Intellectually Lazy'

This is the latest piece of politically correct lefty wankstain gobbling that has got right up my nose!

Delivered with the smugness that only a labour voter on a six-figure income can deliver, this is the latest label for the likes of myself who spit on political correctness and those who believe that it is 'just good policy'

It probably originates out of these spineless snivellers believing it is too rude to say 'Redneck' or 'Bigot', in this enlightened age.

I'm well aware of the origins of the term PC (socialist Russia) and I also know that it is now applied to a far wider range of subjects than the original term covered. Like may terms, meanings change with time, the English language being a living, evolving one. The nearest thing to an international language there is. Everyone I know that uses it in conversion knows exactly what it is describing.

Friggin' fascist social engineering, through the creation of taboos!

I have been told that it is intellectually lazy to use the term PC, as by doing so, one dimisses an issue as not being worthy of debate. Now hang on- PC places issues beyond debate, by shouting down all that challenge them as immoral and/or criminal.

Aside from that, I don't have the time to debate issues I consider total donkybollocks, in the first place. Such as the need for a plethora of McMinistries in government.

I suppose I might, if I had acquired the habit during my six years of study to gain a B.A.

preferring action and working to navel-gazing, I was spared that!

I'm bloody glad to move in circles where these limp-wristed WOFTAMS don't exist!


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